Do-it-yourself bike repair

If you can break it, we probably have the tools to fix it. Our shop fee is $6.00/hr ($3 half/hr), for which you can:

Use our tools and our shop space.

Consult our staff for advice.

(Parts, almost all of which are "previously enjoyed", are extra.)

And please remember our fabulous deal: for every hour you help us with our bikes you get a free hour to work on your own!

Some helpful hints for working in our shop:

Dress appropriately, you will get dirty! We do have a few shop coats; however, when things get busy at the shop there may not be enough for everyone.

We are happy to provide the tools - please leave yours at home to avoid confusion.

We do suffer tool damage - if you are not sure how to use them please ask a volunteer mechanic!

Please THINK SAFETY while you are working.

Updated Jan. 2, 2019

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