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Donating to re-Cycles

Buying from re-Cycles

We have two categories of bicycles for sale, which are accordingly priced:

Overhauled bikes, which get completely taken apart and rebuilt.

As-Is bikes, which are safety-checked and made ready to ride.

From time to time, we also donate some of the bikes we've repaired to charitable institutions such as shelters and overseas volunteer organizations.

We have a decent selection of used parts, mainly shifting and braking components, and usually lots of knobby mtn. bike tires. While our spare parts are often used to refurbish our bicycles, we usually do have a surplus for sale. Check out the photos on our Do-It-Yourself page.

Overhauled bikes

Overhauled bikes are completely taken apart, cleaned and greased, and then reassembled. Every part and assembly is itemized and checked on a worksheet.

The checklist includes:

Wheels - hubs, tires, tubes, truing

Brakes - levers, pads, cables

Shifters - levers, cables



Bottom bracket and chainrings

Seat and seatpost

Fork, headset, stem, and handlebar

Whole frame - inspected for cracks, damage and wear

While we mainly use second-hand parts, we strive to ensure these parts are in good shape. Once overhauled, bikes are road-tested by a Head Mechanic and placed in the For Sale rack. We attach the worksheet that lists the work done on each bike, and each one has a limited warranty. Prices for overhauled bikes start around $140.

As-Is Bikes

Our As Is bikes are assessed by one of our Head Mechanics, with a check sheet that shows the condition of various major components. These bikes are made safe and ready to ride, and are of course the cheapest, starting at $100. These bikes are great for those who are on a tight budget or want a bike that works just fine, even though it's not "perfect".

Donating to re-Cycles

Update for COVID situation: Please bring in donations during our open hours. If you have a lot of bikes to drop off, whether from a personal collection of if you're with a property management company, please email us: , and we'll see if one of our staff can meet you off-hours and receive the bikes.

Please do not leave bikes at our door when we are not open, as there's a good chance they'll get stolen or picked apart. Thanks!

We regret that we currently cannot come and pick up your donation.

All the bikes and parts that we sell have been donated to us. We are happy to accept the following:

Bikes in any condition - none are turned away. A bike that is not fixable gets stripped of any useable parts, and all the metal remains get sent to local metal recyclers. (See this offsite page about one of those trips.)

Any useable parts, like wheels, tires, seats, even tools.

Also always needed:

Your old toothbrushes; no really, we do want them, as they are great for cleaning parts!

We cannot accept:

NEW for 2021: we no longer accept old cotton sheets, towels, clothing, etc. to be used as rags.

Old helmets, child seats, Camelbaks and other water storage devices and bottles. These are all personal or safety items that should not be reused, and we won't re-sell them.

Updated May 17, 2022

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