In September 2007 we donated 40 bikes, 101 tires, and six boxes of parts to Bicycles for Humanity's collection day. With the truck coming on the Saturday to pick this all up a few of us got together on the Thursday night and got everything prepped and organized. (Photos by Mark Rehder)

Both the New RO and CBC TV came to our shop for interviews, with the CBC story also showing up on its website (though Mark cringes when they say the re-Cycles shop is his).

Bicycles for Humanity also have photos from the collection day at here.

Lots of parts - freewheels, cassettes, derailers, shifters...
Chainring sets, chains, handlebars, stems, brake levers...
headsets, bottom bracket axles and cups, brake pads...
A six-foot stack of tires.
Bikes being prepped on the loading dock. We had to remove the pedals and turn the handlebars so that the bikes could be packed as tightly as possible into the shipping container.
Derek, John, and Mike wrestle with a recalcitrant pedal.
The next day, and the truck arrives to take everything to the BfH container. 40 bikes, 101 tires lots of parts.
Good work guys! re-Cycles volunteers Berry and Derek on the left, BfH volunteers at right.

Updated April 22, 2011

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