re-Cycles is a not-for-profit bicycle recycling shop in Ottawa, Ontario. We:

sell recycled bikes and parts at low cost.

provide an equipped shop (and bike repair know-how in the evenings) so that you can maintain and repair your own bike.

Unlike conventional bike shops we do not fix your bike for you! But if you want to do it yourself there's always staff on hand during our evening hours to guide you if needed. Please note that there is no assisted DIY repair at any time during the day (either with us or our shop-mates Cycle Salvation).

Please read our FAQ page before emailing us.

We are co-located with Cycle Salvation. We sell each other's bikes and share the resources. So you can buy bikes and parts or donate whenever either organization is open, but volunteering and do-it-yourself repair is only during re-Cycles hours.

Bring a lock! If you are bringing your bike to our shop for DIY repair you may need it. Our shop is often very busy during the Spring and Summer and you may have to wait for a bit, and your bike needs to wait in our driveway bike rack, not inside the shop.

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News Blog

04/14/14 - For the upcoming Easter weekend the shop will be closed Sunday and open Monday.

04/01/14 - We're now back on Spring / Summer hours. Please see our Location/Hours page for details.

02/23/14 - The shop will be closed for the first three Sundays in March, and will re-open on the 23rd. The evening open hours remain as listed. Our apologies if this causes any inconvenience.

01/08/14 - The shop will be closed this coming Sunday. (We are painting the main workroom floor on Saturday and it needs to dry for a day or two before we let slushy winter bikes back in.)

01/05/14 - Happy New Year! The shop has reopened. Please note that we're now closed on Mondays until April.

News from 2013 is now at 2013 News.

Please note! Each evening shift at our shop is run by a volunteer "Head Mechanic" (with the help of other staff). We make every effort to be open during our posted times, but there are the odd occasions when the Head Mechanic is not able to attend the shift for whatever reason (and could not find a replacement on short notice). We appreciate your understanding if this happens, and apologize for any inconvenience it may cause.

Updated April 14, 2014

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